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As Eksmed Medical Limited, we have been selling and distributing surgical medical supplies at high quality for many decades. Now, we are proud to say that we continue giving high quality service by adding consulting services in the field of CE and quality certifications. We use our existing resources to create a safer environment by improving existing health practices for patients and healthcare providers with our team members who are pioneers in their field. Our products and services are designed with the latest technology and extensive knowledge to treat you and your patients in safer environments and devices.

Medical Equipment Sales

Our expertise in wound closure product solutions offers a wide range of products from design to development for the healthcare industry. Our company offers outsourced solutions to many medical device companies. We are providing all kinds of innovative support including design and production from clinic to legal stage to our customers. We export our products to many foreign countries.

Consultancy Services

Our company offers CE accreditation and quality system certification consulting services. Our team is giving services on  ISO 13485 Medical Devices Quality System establishments, CE training workshops and related quality trainings in order to destroy sales barriers in the global world. By using our extensive knowledge in the most possible productive way leads us to deliver tangible results for our customers’ development. We are simply moving your company beyond your competitors.

OEM Production

Our company is a reliable partner with all equipments necessary to subcontract any kind of medical disposable device. Our facility, which includes the integrated and advanced processes required for medical OEM products, has the international standard certification required to manufacture finished medical devices. With years of experience and our ISO 7 degree cleanrooms, we offer not only manufacturing solutions, but also packaging and EtO sterilization solutions.

MoH Registration Services

In order to carry out sales of all kinds of medical products in our country, we register your products to the Ministry of Health database. Our team performs all kinds of documentation and data entry procedures in a fast and accurate manner and completes your registration as soon as possible.