About Us

We are one of the leading companies in the wound closure sector who have been in the field of medical device production, sales, import, export and distribution since 2004.

As Eksmed Limited family, we proudly develop ourselves continuously and transfer our experience it to the business world. We are a successful entrepreneurs who continue to expand and strengthen our power every day with experienced management team and newly added young and dynamic team members to our family.

In addition to surgical sutures, blood stopping products, wound closure products and surgical instruments which we sell and distribute, we provide any type of medical instruments, technical support service, quality management consultancy, CE certification consultancy both for Turkey and other International trade environments with our strong service network.

With our medical products and service activities, our company portfolio is expanding every day and we continue to make reliable and permanent progress in the sector.

Our vision is to be in a leading position in every sectoral activity we are in.

Our mission is to offer high quality medical equipment products and consulting services to our customers by making them feel like they are a partner of our long-term company and are able to maintain and service them smoothly in their own business environment.

As Eksmed Limited’s family, we are committed to our goals:

  • Ensuring constantly controlled growth;
  • To provide the best service without any loss of customer satisfaction;
  • To research with our experienced team members for new service areas and to increase our quality every day with customer feedback.

Eksmed Limited family refers to trust, speed and quality. We will be very pleased to work with you.